A native of Pune, Smt Jayashree (Kirtane) had a legacy of being born in a house full of inspirations from her Doctor Grandfather (as she called him Nanasaheb) who was very instrumental in shaping up her early childhood.

Having lost her father early in the life, the inner strength got doubled up to steer the life in quest of things she could pursue as forte of her life. With her lonely mother Late Smt Sumati Kirtane, Jayashree managed to tread the life with no fear………… the rhythm that she picked up early in her life………… still runs in all the same synchronism !

Her mother Late Smt Sumati Kirtane was a lady of amazing facets. She was not only intellectually advanced individual but was also an extremely encouraging and motivating personality– especially with a strong drive for new initiatives. Her lateral thinking and open mind set has been a big asset for the generations to follow.

Growing in the capable tutelage of Late Pandita Rohini Bhate (known as “Babytai” – a legendary Kathak exponent of India) – Jayashree started getting groomed into a disciplined, dedicated and well directed “taalim” of Kathak dancing. This training not only tutored her into artistic excellence but provided her the open eyes to appreciate good things in the world around us.

Having moved from Pune to Indore as a marital progression, Jayashree carried on with a branch of Nrityabharati in Indore and started extending the training to the upcoming talents of central India. This flow of teaching and guidance is still on with many well groomed disciples already on the horizon.

Smt Jayashree also worked as a lecturer in Girls Degree College, Indore.

Awarded with “Chakradhar Fellowship” by Govt of MP, she has worked on some prestigious projetcs encompassing various dimensions of music and dance.

India International Society for Unity has conferred her with the prestigious Ratna Shiromani Award.

A special dance ballet "Nrityam, Shivam, Sundaram" was choreographed by her for TV broadcast.

Jayashree has also done a dance project "Dancing Radha" focussing on rural misbeliefs about Epilepsy, which further was awarded in Thailand.

She has had performances at reputed platforms like Drishtikone, Jeevan Kala Mandal, Gracim-Nagda, Kalavarta- Ujjain, Pt Omkarnath thakur Janamashatabdi, Gram Swaraj sammelan.

She has been a judge, selector, advisor for many events and been on the panels / committees of several organisations. She has also authored a lot of articles, features and has been presenting lecture demonstrations including several talks on radio.

Apart from Dance and music, Smt Jayashree also has a skilful hand on sketching and drawing. One needs to see some of her sketches to determine how various art forms are related to each other.

Popularly known as “Jayashre Tai” in the social circles, she resides in Indore with husband Dr. Shashikant and has two sons & two grandsons.

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